View from the Peak Expert Series is a collection of podcast interviews and collaborative reports with 55 of the world’s leading think tank fellows across geo-political, economic and technology subjects.

View from the Peak Expert Series, a collection of interviews with the world’s leading think tank fellows, former policy makers, diplomats and academics across a variety of global topics. They include subjects as varied as technology trends to emerging market elections, digital regulation to the future of productivity. The Expert Series delivers the breadth of coverage that few research firms can achieve. View from the Peak strives to be an integral part of your investment process by focusing on investment opportunities that are actionable.
We work with approximately 55 think tank fellows across the globe on geo-political, economic and technology subjects. China related themes make up roughly 40% of the topics discussed. The product revolves around podcast interviews and written reports enabling client to consumer the work any way you wish.

We also host regular breakfast with members of our think tank network across the globe.

Come October 1st , I have decided to promote a dedicated China Expert Series Product. The goal will be to publish six reports a month on pertinent topics related to China including tech, consumer, fin tech and banking, trade and politics. Instead of me conducting all the interviews myself, I have decided that I need specialists interviewing other specialists. They will choose the topics and the people they want to interview. I will never be able to get into the weeds like someone who focuses on a specific subject matter and hence the quality of the interviews and reports will be far superior to what I could produce as the moderator.