View from the Peak is an independent thematic investment research service that focuses on the interactions between public policy, economic trends, technology, and geopolitics.

Chicago | London | Hong Kong
Since 2011

Whilst rigorous analysis of the interconnection of global monetary and fiscal policy, technology, demographics and geopolitics is the cornerstone of our strategic thought process, we also appreciate the constraints of investing in public markets. It is simply not enough to be eventually correct. You have to be timely and protect yourself from the inherent gyration of asset markets. Hence, we strive to integrate our long-term thematic with a dynamic tactical overlay.

We have three core products:

View from the Peak Flagship
The Strategic work covering the investment outlook well into the next decade

Tracking Views
Our tactical product focusing on the here and now

The Expert Series
Our engagement with 65 think tank fellows across the globe, tapping into their intelligence pool

View from the Peak Expert Series, a collection of interviews with the world’s leading think tank fellows, former policy makers, diplomats and academics across a variety of global topics. They include subjects as varied as technology trends to emerging market elections, digital regulation to the future of productivity. The Expert Series delivers the breadth of coverage that few research firms can achieve. View from the Peak strives to be an integral part of your investment process by focusing on investment opportunities that are actionable.

We work with approximately 65 thing tank fellows across the globe on geo-political, economic and technology subjects. China related themes make up roughly 40% of the topics discussed. The product revolves around podcast interviews and written reports enabling client to consumer the work any way you wish.

We also host regular breakfast with members of our think tank network across the globe

    A rational discussion about the future of
    US-China relations

    Upcoming Conference:
    January 15, 2020
    Seattle, WA

    Paul Krake

    Paul has over 25 years’ experience as an economic and political strategist. He founded View from the Peak in 2011, seeing a need for a truly global, multi-asset class research platform that focuses on the interactions between public policy, economic trends, technology, and geopolitics. View from the Peak takes its name from Victoria Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island and the firm aims to look at the world from a 360-degree view with an Asian perspective. Clients include endowments, family offices, government agencies, asset managers, and corporates. The firm has offices in Hong Kong, Chicago, and London.

    Back in 2015, Paul realized that clients needed more than the analysis of Paul and his team and decided to utilize the incredible intellectual property that exists within the think tank community and launched the VFTP Expert Series.

    What started as an ad-hoc interview has become a bi-weekly podcast/report series on the pertinent topics of the day. The firm has a network of 55 think tank fellows, academics, former diplomats and independent strategists that cover technology developments, geopolitics, central banking, trade, regulation, elections, and the economic cycle. China has always been a priority, and this has been reflected in the quality and breadth of China-focused researchers that Paul works with.

    Paul, like many China watchers, has been disappointed with the tone and substance of the debate regarding the future of US-China relations for the last several years. The need for a more sensible discussion forms the genesis behind the US-China Series, which seeks to rationally cover these complicated issues while being cognisant of different opinions and philosophies. The US-China series also aims to promote a message of coordination, which is critical when discussing the future of the most important geopolitical relationship of the 21st century.

    Prior to forming View from the Peak, Paul spent 15 years in Investment Banking and Asset Management. He was the Managing Partner of Corus Capital Management, a multi-strategy Asian focused hedge fund based in New York.  Before forming Corus in 2005, he held Asia focused roles at Caxton Associate, Moore Capital Management, Goldman Sachs and Macquarie Bank.  Paul holds a Bachelor of Economics and Politics from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.